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Frequently asked questions

Why can't I find my photos?

Please check if you are allowing PhotoGrid to access your photos. You can follow the step below:

1.Go to the 'setting' on your device.

2.Select 'Privacy'>’Photos’

3.Allow PhotoGrid to access your photos

I hope it helps! If you still have the problem please contact our email for the support.

My picture turns blurry when it's saved

The situation will happen when the ratio of the picture is too small.

To solve the problem, you can open PhotoGrid, enter the editing page and select 'Ratio'.

Please choose the ratio we prepare for you, such as 1:1, 4:5, and see if it is clear after saving?

If you are using the 'custom' function, please set the ratio greater than 1000px to ensure the image quality (up to 5000 px)

When editing / saving my videos / video grids / photos, my app crashes

Try out the steps below:

1.Delete the app and then reinstall it

2.Check if you have enough storage on your phone

If the app keeps crashing, please send a screenshot of the issue to help us locate the problem faster. Thank you for your patience!

The materials I exchanged with PG points are gone!

This issue may occur if you have changed your phone or reinstalled the app before. Please make sure you've logged in with the exact PhotoGrid account where you exchanged for materials, and download the materials again.

How to save my picture as PNG format?

Please tap 'More' on the upper left of PhotoGrid's main page to go to PhotoGrid settings, and select 'Save transparent effect', your photo will be saved as PNG format.

Quality adjustment

Please tap 'More' on the upper left of PhotoGrid's main page to go to PhotoGrid settings, and click on 'Video quality' / 'Save quality' to make adjustments as per your needs.

VIP Membership

I just bought a Premium membership, why can't I use it?

Please note that your subscription is connected with your Apple ID, and try out the steps below:

1.Go to the main page of PhotoGrid

2.Click 'Free Trial' on the upper right

3.Tap 'Restore' on the lower right

If the problem continues, here are the steps for you to make sure whether you’re in a membership:

1.Go to App Store and click on your profile photo

2.Select 'Subscriptions' to see if PhotoGrid is in it

3.Reinstall your app

If this does not work, please contact us immediately. We will make sure you enjoy our membership as soon as possible!

I bought the Premium membership on my iPhone, can I enjoy the same membership on my iPad?

Yes, you are able to enjoy the Premium membership on your iPad as long as you're logged in to the same Apple ID. Please follow the steps below:

1.Make sure your iPad's Apple ID is the same as that of your iPhone (the one that has your PhotoGrid subscription)

2.Go to the main page on PhotoGrid and click ' the Crown' on the upper right

3.Select 'Restore' on the lower right

If you are still facing the problem, please try the steps provided under the question 'I just bought a Premium membership, why can't I use it?'.

Can I still enjoy the membership if I switch from iPhone to Android?

You can access your Premium membership on Android, iOS, Web by upgrading Premium on PhotoGrid official website.

Warm reminder, please make sure all your devices are logged in to the same Google account you upgrade to Premium to enjoy your Premium journey:)

Why isn’t my watermark appearing transparent?

Please make sure the file name ends with '.png' and retry. If the problem continues, please send us the file for further testing.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please feel free to let us know which part you are not satisfied with? We'd appreciate it if you could give us your feedback to help us do better.

If you still wish to cancel your subscription, please click on the link to go to App Store.

Subscription issues

Why am I being charged unknowingly after a 3-day free trial?

The subscription will be auto-renewed after free trial via iTunes within 24 hours before it runs out. To cancel this, you'll have to be 24 hours or more in advance, and please click on the link to process the cancelation, and to avoid a nonrefundable auto-renewal.

Please note that since all the transactions in PhotoGrid are handled directly through the App Store, deleting the PhotoGrid app doesn't cancel your free trial.

Why am I still being charged after deleting the app?

Please note that deleting your app doesn't cancel your subscription. If you need to cancel your subscription, please click on the link to go to App Store.

How can I avoid being charged unknowingly or the unexpected charges caused by my child?

If you or your family members clicked on the subscription accidentally and were charged unknowingly, you can click on the link to set up your screen time to prevent this from happening again in the future. If you need to cancel your subscription, you can cancel it by clicking me.

Account issues

Why can't I login to my account?

If you were using Facebook login previously, we are sincerely sorry to inform you that the connection between Facebook and our app has been interrupted recently due to several reasons. To restore your PG points and your photos, please contact us immediately so we can help.

How do I change my username or password?

You can go to your profile page and tap on your profile picture to edit your username:) If you were using social logins, like Instagram, Gmail, etc., you'll have to go to the corresponding app to change your password.

How to delete my posts?

After entering a post, click 'More' on the upper right, then you’ll be able to delete your post:)

Trust and Safety

We reserve the right to change the prices of our products and services in the future. Should any conflict arise between different translations of these terms, the English translation will prevail. Certain support services and related documents may be available in English only.

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